Treatments at Bare Med Spa

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Hi beauties! The last few months I have decided to a make a huge change in my life…. actually RESEARCHING, CONSULTING, and TRYING new face and body treatments. If you know me then you know this sounds insane and takes a LOT of focus. I am always on the go and I hate being slowed down!! If someone isn’t constantly on my case about dentists or doctors appointments then I just skip… In fact, I got my first physical in 5 years last week. Thanks mom and dad for forcing that one! And like yoga? Hell no. The entire time I’m thinking about everything else I should be doing and having the exact opposite experience of mediating. So now you know.

I’m finally taking ME time in hopes to save and prevent my face and body from aging too quickly! Luckily, Kansas City has an incredible spa that I trust 100% with all treatments. If you are in the MO/KS area then definitely check out Bare Med Spa  – I might be obsessed. Also, bring a girlfriend with you! My spa days are usually with The Fit Brunette. Sooooo lets talk about a few treatments I’ve tried in the last few months.. and love, love, love!


Cryotherapy – 3 minutes… hmmm yes! You already know this is right up my alley. It is amazing for collagen production and inflammation! I seriously wish this existed 5 years ago when I was playing soccer in college. Instead, I was in ice baths 2x a day. Cryotherapy uses extremely cold temperatures to tighten and firm the skin which aids in muscle recovery, blood circulation and can give you a big energy boost (it does for me… hellooo runners high!). You step into an enclosed cryosauna (pictured above) with your head above it and you are surrounded by liquid nitrogen for up to 3 minutes. Overall, I LOVE IT. Helps sore muscles and burns up to 800 calories per treatment. Do it. DONE.

Dermaplaning – Yes, this treatment shaves your face so that’s why I’m obsessed. I really don’t like much hair on my body and I LOVE the feeling afterwards of having the smoothest face ever. My makeup goes on like a breeze! This treatment gets rid of your dead skin which is why most people do it.. I do it for a smooth face with zero hair… you do you. Regardless this is a good one! Oh, and no, from my experience my hair does not grow back thicker or darker after. Never ever.

Botox – I decided it was time to give the ol’ botox a whirl. Lets be real… I’ve watched Real Housewives and I’ve seen the damage they have done with botox and fillers.. I am aiming for the opposite!!! To simply slow down the aging process and for the little 11 to not get any deeper engrained between my brows! So I did it. And I’m glad I did. I am not sure if this will be a few times a year thing for me, I will keep you updated on that. Cost depends on where you get it. If you are a first timer and wanting a natural look in just 1-2 areas then it will most likely be between $200-$300. I totally recommend setting a consultation to talk with someone before ultimately deciding what will be best for you. I have major fear of something changing my face or affecting it too much so in my case, I decided to stay on the more natural side with fewer units.


I will be trying even more new treatments at Bare Med Spa in the coming months and will share them with you all! Let me know if there are specific treatments you have heard of, are interested in, or want me to look into for you!

XX –

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