Kasha- Katuwe Tent Rock, Featuring For Love & Lemons

I fell in love with New Mexico and the Tent Rocks National Monument. Tent Rocks is located about 40 minutes away from Santa Fe. It is a National Monument made up of layers of volcanic rock and ash. Fast-forward 7 million years of erosion and now these layers have created canyons and tent rocks that you can hike in!

FullSizeRender (138)FullSizeRender (142)FullSizeRender (134)

My sister and I completed both of the two hiking trails. Slot canyon trail is 3 miles and cave loop trail is 1.2 miles. Most of my pictures were taken during the slot canyon trail. It is a little more challenging yet it is very worth it for the views! In the hike you will see unusual rock formations and a mini slot canyon.

FullSizeRender (137)FullSizeRender (135)

Make sure to pack water. If you are like me and get hungry easily then pack snacks! I ate a RX bar, apple, and almond butter pack. At the top, I took a nap on the rocks and my sister painted before we hiked back down. It was the perfect afternoon.

FullSizeRender (134)FullSizeRender (133)

I’m wearing a For Love and Lemons dress. Enjoy more of their clothes here ! This exact dress is the Mallorca.

FullSizeRender (145)

Cant wait to share more of New Mexico with you all.

XX- Blonde Boarding

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