Two Weeks in Thailand!

IMG_3154Thailand is filled with adventure awaiting you to experience. We loved it so much, we’ve created our suggested itinerary to make your travels effortless. Throughout this itinerary you will find cost breakdowns, tips to save money, and links to our four featured cities to give you the layout of the land (activities, lodging, restaurants, etc.). Who’s ready to board with us?!

Let’s do this!


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  • Save $1,300 by using credit card points to cover your international flight. Chase Sapphire Preferred and Capital One Venture are both great credit cards for travel benefits. For domestic flights we like the Southwest Rapid Rewards credit card.
  • Save $300 by staying in nice hostels for $25 a night on average.
  • Save $152 by giving yourself a food budget of $25 a day on average. Pick lodging that includes breakfast.
  • Save $50 by packing your own snacks prior to leaving the USA (we packed Lara Bars, RX Bars, Quest Bars).
  • Save $200 by being flexible in the orders of cities to save money on domestic flights while in Thailand. We had a 2 flights at $40, 1 at $80 and a more expensive one at $240 which increased our average flight cost to $100 between cities. We could of looked longer, booked earlier, or changed order for an average of $50 per flight. OR take a train from Bangkok to Chiang Mai. You can book a low train fare for around $10. It takes 10-12 hours with very beautiful views. For us, we preferred to pay extra for the flight and save time.
  • Save $35 on transportation by picking lodging close to everything and walking as much as you can. Make sure to barter costs for taxis and tuk tuks. Traveling with others will also bring transportation fees down.
  • We used our bigger activity budget for boats, elephant sanctuary, Thai boxing match, massages, etc. This is a budget that we usually do not cut because we like the experiences yet you could easily cut down this cost.
  • We forego on gifts and souvenirs to save money. Instead, we write thoughtful notes on postcards and share pictures.

Total Savings Using All Of Our Money Saving Tips: $2,037

$2,975 – $2,037 = 

 TWO WEEK Thailand trip for $938



BANGKOK – 3 nights. (2 at the front of the trip, 1 at the end)

CHIANG MAI – 3 nights

KOH SAMUI – 3 nights

KRABI  – 3 nights



Day 1

Leave the USA

Take Red eye from Tokyo to Bangkok

Day 2

Arrive in Bangkok

Day 3


Day 4


Flight to Chiang Mai

Day 5

Chiang Mai

Day 6

Chiang Mai

Day 7

Chiang Mai

Flight to Koh Samui

Day 8

Koh Samui

Day 9

Koh Samui

Day 10

Koh Samui

Flight to  Krabi

Day 11


Day 12


Day 13


Flight to Bangkok

Day 14

Take Red Eye from Bangkok to Tokyo



IMG_3472IMG_2647 (1)IMG_3065FullSizeRender (87)


Thanks for adventuring, Thailand! On to our next city –



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