Malibu for the Weekend

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Malibu Winery: We consider this winery a must. It’s tucked away off Mulholland Highway – There is free parking on the week days and a valet option ($14) on the weekends. You’re greeted by a massive WINE sign, which is a super cute place to get some group photos.

There’s also an old school bus that’s a great photo option as well! We took advantage of both. Some we’re proud of, some we’re not. If you like to plan gatherings or parties – This is your place. You’re able to bring your own decorations and you can get as extravagant as you’d like. You have the option to sit on the ground, picnic style or reserve a table. If you’re going with a group, definitely reserve a table! However, if you’re going on a date with that special someone – The picnic style might be more private. Live music on Saturday and Sunday – They take requests and also encourage dancing. The later the day gets, the more social the entire winery becomes. You’ll leave with a lot of new friends! We made a friend who happened to supply us with three free bottles of Champagne because he enjoyed Becca’s “awkward hugs”. We also left with a new girlfriend because we spent 10 minutes taking photos of her in front of the WINE sign. Both treasured. *Warning – It’s very hard to get an uber in that area so we recommend designating a sober driver. (As seen below)

Malibu Safari: With our extremely outgoing personalities that are complimented by wine tasting, we stumbled upon the owner’s son. He was so kind and welcoming, and offered to take us to Malibu Cafe via golf cart. We accepted with much excitement because, hello, golf carts. To our surprise, he gave us a tour of the Malibu Safari! Our lives were quickly made. Zebras, Camels and the most kind Giraffe named Stanley. Oh, Stanley.

How we miss your unintentional kisses. Needless to say, it was a highlight of the trip. If you have time, we suggest taking a full tour! It’s the perfect way to spend an afternoon – And the photo opportunities are endless.

Malibu Farm Pier Cafe: If you’re looking for a solid menu with an incredible view, this place is for you! It’s located on a pier so there is no bad table. When you enter the pier you’ll first come across the Malibu Farm Restaurant. Equally cozy, a little more expensive.

Make your way down the pier, maybe steal a fisherman’s pole for a go at it. At the end you’ll reach the Malibu Farm Pier Cafe.  You might find yourself in line to order on the bottom level, so entertain yourself by watching surfers wipe out. As for food, there is truly no bad choice. We couldn’t get enough of those broccoli mashed potatoes and all of the burger options!

The tables are first come first serve, so if you’re adventuring with a group definitely have someone grab a table while you are ordering! If you’re afraid of birds, you should probably eat downstairs and not on the upper deck. We broke bread with pelicans.

Los Liones Canyon: If you’re wanting a relaxing get-away from the big city and not feeling the heavy traffic on Runyon, then Los Liones Canyon should make your list! On the hike you will come across several overlooks of the ocean. It’s an easy to moderate, well marked trail with plenty of places to step off to take a breather. There are plenty of benches to claim if you want to munch on some snacks while enjoying the views! You’ll also come across a decent amount of bathrooms – However, we wouldn’t judge if you popped a squat. Do you.

Malibu Cafe: You will be welcomed by a bright “HOWDY” sign, which is the perfect start to this welcoming spot. Christmas lights, various life size games, a river and hundreds of tables cover this massive cafe. We recommend going before or after the winery – It’s about a mile away. There’s so much room for activities, you could easily make a day out of it. We traveled here after an afternoon full of wine and Giraffe kisses to get some mac & cheese (carbs needed) in our bellies. We decided to eat at the bar and the bartenders did not disappoint – Let’s just say they had some Southern Charm. Most of their employees have lived and worked right on the farm for years and have a contagious passion for their jobs and the family whom owns the acreage. When we revisit Malibu, we are hoping to spend more time in this enchanting restaurant.

Thanks for adventuring, Malibu! On to the next city –



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