Krabi, Thailand

IMG_3052Krabi may of been our top spot in Thailand. It was the perfect balance of outdoor activities and beach life with a city feel. Krabi is on the west coast of southern Thailand. Much of the province has been given over to national parks and includes over 80 islands, well known to adventurers, scuba-divers, and snorkelers. These majestic islands are covered with unbelievable angular limestone karsts..  truly breathtaking and what we picture as THAILAND!



Poonsiri Resort : We stayed here the entire time in Krabi and were happy about the accommodations. Clean rooms in individual stand-alone houses. About $40-50 a person per night. 10 minute drive by tuk tuk to the main Ao Nang Beach


Speed Boat to the Islands – This is the exact company we used and we were thrilled! They picked us up from our resort at 9 am and dropped us back off at 5 pm. We had a private speed boat that took us the Phi Phi islands and Bamboo. We had 6-8 stops at beaches, bays, inlets and lagoons where you can stop to swim and snorkel and have a picnic lunch on the beach or in the boat. The cost for 4 is 16,500B ( link: dollar to thai baht converter ) Monkey Bay was truly amazing. Hundreds of monkeys in their nature habitat running around us on the beach.

The best area for snorkeling is around Bamboo and Phi Phi Islands, where the water is clearest and there is a large range of marine life to see. The fish were fantastic and it was one of our best snorkeling experiences ever. Our host and boat captain, Sunny, prepared a home cooked Thai meal for us including several options of pad thai, beef curry, grilled veggies, fresh fruit and rice.

IMG_2978IMG_2995FullSizeRender (84)

Boat Day by Long Tail – Take a day trip to Hong Island by long boat. Since it is closer to Ao Nang, a speed boat is not required. Gorgeous seascape with 4 stops during the day, including the lagoon at Hong, which is a highlight of the area. You will have the chance to swim, snorkel, relax on island beaches and have a picnic lunch. The cost for a private trip for 4 is 9,000B. ( link: dollar to thai baht converter ) You can also add in kayaking around the island at an extra cost of 500B per person. If you prefer to save some money then do this with a group for very little.

IMG_3051 (1)IMG_2968

Railay Beach – One of the most gorgeous beaches in the world. A small peninsula between Krabi and Ao Nang that is accessible by boat due to high limestone cliffs. We jumped on a long boat over there for a few dollars and spent the afternoon enjoying the beach. You could also stay in this area if you prefer a more relaxed and secluded spot.

FullSizeRender (83)FullSizeRender (82)FullSizeRender (85)


Other activities we are going to do next time:

Tiger Cave Temple

Krabi Rock Climbing


Lae Lay Grill – Gorgeous views overlooking Ao Nang Beach. A nice dinner spot yet not too pricey as everything is fairly cheap in Thailand! Good seafood and worth the visit during sunset.

 The Last Fisherman– Right on the beach. Fun spot, slow service. Good for burgers and corn on the cob!

Night life

The Beach Bar – Amazing live music, right by the beach. Very fun spot.


Thanks for adventuring, Krabi! On to the next city-


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