A Southern Getaway to Birmingham, Alabama!

Vulcan Park: On a serious hunt to find an overlook of the city, we decided our best option was Vulcan Park. We didn’t have time to visit the top of the observation tower. However, we were lucky to be spotted by our new friend!

The tower is open from 10am to 10pm – We suggest visiting around sunset. The colors are vibrant and the patio is large enough to find a quiet spot to yourself.

This was actually our second choice at the time – We visited Ruffner Mountain first, yet we didn’t have much luck finding any overlooks! If you’re looking for educational hiking trails, though – Ruffner is for you!

Zyp Bike: You know that saying, “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is”? Well, that’s one phrase we consciously choose to ignore.

You will notice two Zyp Bikes making a cameo appearance in many of the locations listed below. This is due to our lack of knowledge and immense love for joy riding, as we refused to dock them throughout our long day of adventuring. In short, we were told by a local that the zyp bikes were “super cheap” and “partially solar powered”. So, when we saw a sign that read $6 for a 24 hour membership we didn’t even think to read the fine print as we went along our very merry way…

Good People Brewing Company: Arriving in style as we attempted to ride up the handicap sidewalk to the entrance, we were immediately amazed by the Good People Brewing Company. Whether it was our excitement to finally let loose after a long journey getting lost in construction zones or to simply relax and taste-test some local hops – We were happy to have made it. We sipped on quite a few different beers and our favorite was by far the Urban Farmer. It’s a Saison / Farmhouse Ale and has a very earthy taste. Or at least that’s what they told us. We liked it so much we drank a few more. Cheers!

The atmosphere was ideal. Large, open doors connecting the outdoor patio to the indoor bar. And the employees stood beside their “good people” name. We suggest playing life-size jenga on the side patio and taking a couple pics near the old-school truck.

We, of course, took our bikes with us everywhere. We weren’t comfortable docking them (clearly possessive) so we laid them in a little corner on the deck because we couldn’t figure out how to use the high-tech kick stands.

Winter Wonderland Ice-skating Rink: As we were riding our bikes from the brewery to dinner, we stumbled across an outdoor ice-skating rink. Let’s rephrase that – An outdoor ice-skating rink in the heat of Birmingham, AL. Yes, we stumbled across a large puddle. Yet, we couldn’t just pedal past without doing a few twirls before dinner. We parked our bikes as close as we could to the ice so we could keep an eye on them. At this point, people started to wonder why the heck we were taking our bikes everywhere and not docking them. And we thought they were crazy for not knowing about the $6/day deal happening.

El Barrio: We finally made it to dinner at El Barrio, a highly recommended Mexican-inspired restaurant by the locals. We asked a local store next door to keep watch on our bikes as we ate. He surprisingly said yes and we were luckily seated right by the window to keep a watchful eye on our beloved wheels. We soon noticed an employee taking two pieces of paper and taping them over our bike’s front lights so they didn’t bother guests. We’re sure that was a really normal task for him.

It was a packed house, so we knew it had to be good. We suggest starting off with the Chunky Guacamole and Elote Asado! Their margaritas were pretty good too – We got to know the bartender very well by the end of the night. As for entrees, we enjoyed the Pan Roasted Salmon and the Spicy Chicken Tostada. We loved the atmosphere so much we stayed for hours. We had three couples on each side – 12 people – come and go before we decided it was time to leave. Naturally, we had long, deep conversations with each of them. We also shamelessly plugged the great $6 deal happening with Zyp Bikes.

After taking a picture with what we thought was a palm tree, giving our leftovers to new friends on the street and doing drive-byes to entertain folks through the windows – We decided it was time to dock our trusty bikes before heading to bed. The next day we woke up to a collective $70 charge on our cards with an emailed invoice from Zyp Bike.

The Redmont: Our first two days at The Redmont were on point. Esthetically unreal. Clean, sharp, trendy – everything a couple travel bloggers could hope for! There’s an outdoor patio on the street level that sets the tone.

There’s also a rooftop bar and lounge area that has a great view of the city. Makes you feel like you’re in LA or NYC in the summer. We were impressed! It’s also centrally located so we could walk/ride bikes anywhere we needed to!

However, our last night there took a turn for the worst. We were excited to promote the hotel because we were feelin’ it – So we dedicated our evening to taking pictures. In short, we were cursed at by a fellow guest and received a noise complaint while in the hotel lobby. How is that even possible?! Rough! We’ll probably test out a different hotel that can handle our excitement next time.

Recommended by Locals:

Collin’s Bar

Bamboo Sushi

Urban Standard

Thank you for adventuring, Birmingham! On to the next city – 


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